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How can I become a distributor of I M Way Infotec Pvt Ltd?
We have a series of products/package, which are branded and available at very affordable rates. So, once you buy any product, company gives you an opportunity to become its distributor.
What are all the products/ package I M Way deals in?
The lists of all the products/ package along with their rates are mentioned in the Product Package section of the web-site.
Are these product branded or locally manufactured?
Yes, we are offering branded company products.
What about the after sales services of the products?
The after sales service of the products will be taken care by the respective Brand-Company of the product.
How can I make the payment for the product/ to become the distributor?
Make the pay-order of the respective products/ products price from any nearest bank, and deposit the same in any of the Companys Banks namely:- State Bank of India, Axis Bank and Punjab National Bank. The Bank Account details are given on the User Registration Section of the Website, there after scan and mail the counter receipt at customercare@indianmoneyway.co, the joining pins will be mailed on your e-mail address accordingly.
How would the product reach to me and any carting to be paid on the same?
At present there are 2 methods for the product delivery to the distributors 1) Home Delivery- Product shall be delivered within 21 working days from the date of registration @ ` 350/ product home delivery. 2) Franchisee delivery- A distributor can get the product from the nearest companys franchisee by paying ` 150/ product extra to the respective franchisee.
What is the process of Login/ Joining?
a) In case you have sponsoror- Kindly get the required assistance from your sponsoror for the process of joining. b) In case you dont have sponsoror- You can directly call the company head office and get the required assistance.
What is the process to get the PINs for login?
Please refer Question Number- 5 for the same.
How many IDs can I take on my name?
There is no limit to take the IDs on your name or anybodys name.
Do I have to renew my ID every year?
Yes, ` 500 is the renewal charge per ID, which shall be auto deducted from your I M Way account at the completion of the year.
How would I get to know the legitimacy of the company?
All the legal documents of the company are shown on the Legalities Section of the website. You can also check the companys registration with Govt. of India on Ministry of Corporate Affairs website.
What is the plan of making income being distributor of I M Way?
After becoming the elite member of the company you can promote the company and its product to others through various means. Thus, you can earn income through binary plan as shown in the Business Opportunity section of the web site.
How would I be paid?
You can choose from any of the two options:- a) Cheque- which shall be couriered to your mailing address b) NEFT- Bank Transfer at the click of the button.
When would I be paid?
Friday mid-night is the closing of the business, rectifying that company shall release the payment in the next 7 working days.
Any deductions levied on my payouts for e.g. taxes?
As per Govt. Taxation Rules:- 10.2% shall be deducted from the total amount of your payment if you have PAN Card and 20% shall be deducted if you dont have the PAN Card. 5% as Service charge and 3% as Postal Charge for Cheque Payment. 5% as Service charge and 1% as Transfer charge for NEFT Payment shall be deducted.
Do I get the nomination facility?
Yes, you do get the Security Nomination Facility absolutely FREE.
How would I get the presentation or the other promotional materials to promote the company and its services?
The standard presentation of the company can be download from the Download section of the website.
How would company help and support me to develop my business?
Company will keep arranging the Business Growth seminars (BGS), and Leaders Creation Programmes (LCP) at different venues in various cities, of which the schedule and information shall be posted on companys website
How would I get to know the Company level information?
Company shall keep you updated about its plans and events in the News & Events section on the Homepage of the website.
How can I get my queries be resolved, if any?
You can call on the help line or mail us at customercare@indianmoneyway.co.
Info- Company will send the sms or mail to the respective distributor, regarding:- Docket number, dispatch date and courier company name in case of product delivery. Cheque number, dispatch date and courier company name in case of Cheque Payment. Net Fund Transfer Number and transfer date in case of NEFT Payment.
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